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Samsung Unveils New Foldable Phones: Can It Recover from Sluggish Performance

7월 28, 2023 | by judyfeder.com



Samsung Electronics has recently unveiled its latest lineup of smartphones, making a splash with the launch of new products for the first time in the domestic market. The event took place at COEX in Seoul, and the company showcased the premium foldable phones, the ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’ and ‘Z Fold 5.’

Samsung’s Latest Offerings

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 comes with a significantly larger external display compared to its predecessor. Even when folded, users can enjoy various functionalities and customize the display with videos or photos. On the other hand, the Z Fold 5 is thinner by approximately 2 millimeters and 10 grams lighter than its previous model. Samsung has improved the folding mechanism to ensure a snug fit on both sides, dispersing external shocks to safeguard the display.

Unboxing the “Unpacked” Event in South Korea

The “Unpacked” event by Samsung, where the latest products were unveiled, marked its first occurrence in the domestic market. This move demonstrates the company’s commitment to impressing Korean consumers with cutting-edge technology and innovation.

[Su-ga’s Perspective]

[No Tae-mun, Head of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Business in South Korea: “(The Galaxy Z series) will offer a powerful connected experience with the Galaxy ecosystem and other products, spanning entertainment, productivity, and health.”]

The Rising Demand for Premium Smartphones

Despite an overall decline in global smartphone sales due to sluggish demand for IT devices, the proportion of high-end premium smartphones in total sales has been increasing. According to a market research firm, premium smartphones accounted for 55% of total smartphone revenue last year.

Intensified Competition in the Premium Phone Market

Apple is also planning to release its new products in the second half of the year, intensifying the competition in the premium phone market. With Apple’s entry, the competition for high-end customers is expected to become even fiercer.

Will the New Releases Boost Samsung’s Performance?

In the midst of a semiconductor downturn affecting its overall performance, Samsung Electronics is pinning its hopes on the success of its latest product lineup to offset losses. The industry is closely watching to see if the new foldable phones can turn the tide for the company.


The recent “Unpacked” event by Samsung has brought excitement to the tech world with the unveiling of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5. These premium foldable phones promise to offer users a seamless and connected experience within the Galaxy ecosystem. As the competition in the premium smartphone market heats up, all eyes are on Samsung to see if its new releases will revitalize its performance in the face of challenging market conditions. Stay tuned for the latest updates and reviews on Samsung’s latest offerings!


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